HR Analytics Bootcamp

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” ~ W. Edwards Deming

In layman’s terms Analytics can be defined as ‘the analysis of data to draw hidden insights to aid decision-making.’

Being able to understand data and draw insight is a plus for HR Professionals. As HR professionals, it is time to learn a skill that will transform the way you work. Come get trained on analytic techniques and uncover data-driven insights that aid in HR decision-making and reporting.

By attending the HR Analytics Bootcamp, you would become an expert at uncovering valuable insights from HR Data by learning how to analyse HR Data.

This Bootcamp is an entry level to expert level 4-weeks intensive that is specifically tailored for those people that have little or no experience in processing and analyzing data. You will learn to extract, merge, clean and analyze HR datasets to draw insights for making HR decisions that is beneficial to the organization.

Mode of Delivery

  • 4-weeks intensive with blended learning model (online and physical classes).
  • Participants are required to complete the online classes before the physical classes.
  • Highly interactive training with multimedia classroom presentations, discussions, exercises and case studies.
  • Pre-Requisites

  • Participants are expected to have basic understanding of HR concepts and Microsoft Excel.
  • Participants are required to have a minimum of Excel® 2013 pre-installed on their personal laptops.
  • Bootcamp Module

    Module 1: Overview of HR Analytics
    • Concept Definition - HR Analytics, HR Metrics, HR Data.
    • Concept of Big Data.
    • HR Analytics Framework.
    • HR Analytics Maturity Stages.
    Module 2: HR Data Analysis Using Excel
    • Statistics in Human Resources.
    • Excel Formula and Functions.
    • Excel Tables, Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts.
    • Power Query, Power Pivot & Excel Data Model.
    Module 3: Descriptive HR Analytics
    • Data Visualization Tips.
    • Data Visualization Using Excel.
    • Data Visualization Using Power BI.
    • Designing HR Dashboards Using Excel & Power BI
    Module 4: Predictive HR Analytics
    • Regression Analysis.
    • Forecasting & Trend Analysis.
    • Excel Analysis Toolpak

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