HR Analytics For Beginners - Course 2

HR Analytics For Beginners (2-weeks Intensive)

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” ~ W. Edwards Deming

In layman’s terms Analytics can be defined as ‘the analysis of data to draw hidden insights to aid decision-making.’

This course is aimed to help participants receive both a conceptual understanding of the HR Analytics universe and process. It is specifically tailored for those people that have little or no experience in processing and analyzing data.

Mode of Delivery

  • Self-paced pre-recorded videos with exercises and case studies.
  • Live Online sessions for Questions and Answers.
  • At Your Own Pace - Available All Year Round
  • Pre-Requisites

  • Participants are expected to have basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.
  • Participants are required to have Power BI Desktop pre-installed on their personal laptops.
  • Training Module

    Module 1: Overview of HR Analytics
    • What is HR Analytics
    • Concept of HR Data
    • HR Analytics Maturity Levels
    • What is HR Metrics
    • Measures and Attributes in HR Analytics
    • Statistics in Human Resources
    Module 2: HR Data Analysis Using Excel - Part 1
    • Microsoft Excel Interface
    • Excel Cell Basics
    • Formatting in Excel
    • Excel Formula and Functions - 1 (Date and Time Functions etc.)
    • Excel Formula and Functions - 2 (IF Statements, VLookUp etc.)
    Module 3: HR Data Analysis Using Excel - Part 1
    • Grouping HR Data Using Excel Tables
    • Analyzing HR Data Using Pivot Tables
    • Creating HR Reports Using Data Visualization

    Training Date & Time

      Available all year round.

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